Angry Bunch - (U.S.A.)

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This more than remarkable wine domain exudes pure Rock and Roll! Wines for tough men, quirky musicians, anarchists, adventurers and other alternative artists. Only their catchy introduction film about the history of "The Angry Bunch" will allow you to sit back amused and interested. The entire symbolic journey from the old world to the new West is presented in an entertaining and humorous way and makes you yearn for a delicious bottle of Angry Zinfandel! Lodi is the unofficial capital of the Zinfandel and is the place where the original Angry Bunch was the first to put its feet in the ground. The presentation is also very American and "Hits you right in the face"! "All nicely brought and packaged", we hear you think ... Of course there shouldn't be any wine behind it that would make us happy to cross the ocean!

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